Urban Living – City of the Future

Cities are the living space of the future. Radical thinkers and trend and textile experts have investigated the interfaces at which technology and textiles will grow together in future to enhance the quality of urban life.


The architecture of the future will be characterised by lightness, material efficiency and sustainability. Researchers, manufacturers and students showcase innovative concepts for materials and buildings.


Intelligent clothing is designed to make our lives easier. From smart fashion, which can send and receive signals and conduct electricity, to everyday clothing of the future and designer prototypes.

Life &Health

Functional textiles can sustain life and contribute to healthy living. In agriculture, high-tech fibres prepare the ground for the food of the future.


The exhibition presents future mobility models and new technologies for cars, including textile components for vehicles and innovative transport systems.

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Look forward to this special joint Techtextil and Texprocess event that looks into the future of textiles!